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Successful Business Leadership: A Visionary Perspective – a new book by Carlos Dean.

This book details the 24 modules of Carlos Deans’ Leadership programme with probing questions and thought provoking arguments for a new way of leading in business.

By exploring 24 essential elements of leadership, you will develop the skills you need to lead your organisation to a new kind of success. The world of business is changing. Are you ready to change with it?

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Understanding the importance of culture in business
If you went into a business and did a CULTURE AUDIT what would be the parameters of your assessment…..? Would it be about how friendly people are…[more]
The Mystery of Integrity
The most valuable asset in business is Integrity…… but what is integrity and how do you identify whether it’s present or not? We all talk about [more]
The New Breed of Business Leaders – Call to Action
Power struggles and greed have without a doubt caused the collapse of the economy and whatever comes next we need it to be built on the lessons of the[more]