Team Building Days


Thriving in the modern world of business requires high-level relationship networks and fully-functioning teams; Carlos Dean’s team building days reveals and nurtures self-awareness and deeper understanding of individuals’ needs and the needs of others to build better teams.

Teams that don’t work well together have disastrous consequences for business including:
• Conflict within the business
• Inefficiency
• Anti-social and selfish behaviour
• Resistance to learning and improving
• Poor communication
• Lack of direction
• Absenteeism
Staff issues, sometimes resulting in legal action, are a massive cost to businesses due to the negative impact of internal politics and lost productivity. The solutions is to work with a coach to help challenge the barriers that undermine effective teamwork and to replace these with effective channels of communication that can help maintain healthy professional rapport.

Carlos Dean Leadership offers team building and development days for personnel at all levels in your business, to assist you in growing the effectiveness and satisfaction levels of all members of your team.
The typical outcome from a team building day is a transformed workforce:
• Improved communication
• Increased awareness of the ‘internal customer’ relationships within the team
• Clearer definition of roles and responsibilities
• Increased accountability
• Increased awareness of the common purpose of enterprise and the part they play within this   ‘bigger picture’.
• Increased ability to collaborate with other team members
• Resignation of non-aligned team members
• Increased fulfillment from feeling part of a collective journey of success
• A renewed openness to continual learning and self-improvement
• Improved operational efficiency
• Increased profitability

Business leaders know how to create and deliver their products and services but they do not necessarily know how to create the right working culture within their teams that repels those employees that are not on board and allows those who are, to thrive and attract new recruits who fit with the company values, vision and purpose. Carlos Dean’s team building days will help leaders introduce the right corporate cultures to align everyone’s values and work together to achieve a shared goal.


For more information or to arrange a team building day please contact Carlos Dean 07838184513



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