Inspirational Public Speaking


Carlos Dean is the author of ‘Successful Business Leadership’ and provides inspirational public speaking challenging business leaders to think beyond power and status to look to the values that motivate teams, innovation over control, to create collaboration rather than competition within their business.

His approach to working with leaders derives from the deepest levels of personal insight into the true nature of what it is to be fully human, and lead, motivate and support other humans, both in and out of the workplace. Carlos has the most important element needed for truly inspirational public speaking and that is authenticity.
His story from a childhood blighted with tragedy to the polarity of his business career and the breakdown that led him to realise his ‘vision’ for business and society and follow that vision of a more ‘human’ approach to leadership that will not only transform business but the culture of hierarchy and society as a whole.
Authenticity and Vulnerability
Carlos’ authenticity and vulnerability connects with his audience’s humanity and allows them to also be authentic, challenging them to think about the emotional barriers that inhibit their ability to be good leaders or achieve their business objectives because their business and teams are not aligned to the same values that will create a motivation beyond the financial and a wealth of talent and enthusiasm that has been inhibited by ‘hierarchy’ and opposing values thus far.
Empathy plays a large part in the success of Carlos as a public speaker. He understands his audiences fears and challenges and seeks to serve their aims and address their desires to become better leaders and essentially better business people with his fresh and progressive approach to what makes a good leader and how can could impact upon and improve all areas of an individual’s life.


Memorable and thought provoking

If you’re looking for something that is memorable and thought provoking Carlos may use unconventional methods to illustrate his points and challenge his audience to consider some quite personal issues and assumptions. But he is able to balance this more progressive approach with the needs of his audience and will deliver the right information to take the audience on an on an incredible journey of self-discovery.

Having delivered many public performances and being somewhat of an expert in pushing people beyond their comfort zone Carlos brings edginess and power to any public speaking event as he is a passionate and insightful speaker.


To discuss your keynote, conference or workshop requirements, please contact Carlos Dean on 07838 184513.

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