Qualities of a leader


Developing the natural qualities of a leader for businesses, organisations and communities

Is it for you?

Participants will be passionately challenged to maximise and grow their self-awareness and understand the needs of those who rely on them for balanced judgement.

It is best suited to individuals who are not driven by power, status or wealth but by the realisation that good business is about creating genuine and sincere relationships based on the desire to help and serve one another for the mutual benefit of all.

The Leadership Programme is designed for leaders from any background, culture, business or social arena who are serious and committed to working on themselves, with other leaders, to increase their ability to impact positively on those who rely on them for guidance and direction whether that’s a work force, colleagues, customers, family, communities, the world!
Allowing Carlos to develop your natural leadership qualities is a powerful experience, creating rapid growth in leadership skills and capabilities and bringing significantly increased effectiveness of individuals, fully-functioning relationships and teams, and solid sustainability and/or growth of organizations and enterprises, as well as enhanced benefits to communities and the wider world.
Time Commitments
We recognise that many of our clients, because they are leaders, have extremely busy schedules which often prevent them from taking time out for self-reflection and observation. In view of this, the modules are delivered in one full or half-day per month, meaning there is minimal disruption to the normal routine and requirements of work throughout the programme.
The programme consists of 24 modules, each of which covers a different aspect of leadership, and can be delivered over a one-year or two-year period. Experience has taught us that learning to become a better leader is not something that happens overnight.
Developing and sharing experiences and insights with other leaders
Leaders are often isolated due to the responsibility of their role, making the group learning experience an attractive part of what we offer as learning is a collective experience of collaboration and empathy which creates a relationship of equality between all participants bringing all the thoughts and ideas together to create understanding, realisations and wisdom.
There are two programmes currently running which prospective candidates can join at any time, with an opportunity to try out a module before committing. The period in between modules (28-30 days) is considered as much a part of the learning experience as the time spent on the programme.


Contact Carlos Dean on 07838 184513 for more information or to book a trial session.

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