Leadership Programme




The Leadership Programme is a unique leadership course of 24 monthly conversations facilitated by Carlos Dean. In small groups of up to sixteen participants, the programme explores 24 distinct aspects of leadership, with the intention of developing high-level leadership skills for the emerging new world of business.

This programme is for business leaders who are serious about and committed to creating a working culture based around a clear set of moral principles and a defined higher purpose for the sake of creating a commercially sustainable enterprise.

They will have adopted a holistic approach to developing their business. This allows them to grow into a leadership role that enables them to engage authentically with their team and their workforce. Through modelling this new style of leadership, the business can evolve and progress with greater ease through improved relationship networks and fully functioning teams, resulting in increased operational efficiency.

Through being purpose driven and values led, they are able to gain fulfilment and commercial success.
The Leadership Programme is designed for leaders from any background, culture, business or social arena who are serious and committed to working on themselves, with other leaders, to increase their ability to impact positively on those who rely on them for guidance and direction… work force, colleagues, customers, family, communities, the world!

The programme is most suited to an emerging new breed of leaders who are not driven by power, status or wealth but by the realisation that good business is about creating genuine and sincere relationships based on the desire to help and serve one another for the mutual benefit of all.

Carlos Dean recognises the relationship challenges that leaders face and has developed this programme to equip them with the knowledge and skills to enable them to overcome these challenges.
It is an arena of personal transformation where this vision for change can be articulated, seen and allowed to grow in strength and clarity as a basis on which to inspire and motivate teams towards operational excellence and success.


The Leadership Programme is run in the world-class venue of Blenheim Palace. All the modules are stand-alone, and you can join the open-programmes at any time free of charge so that you can experience our approach to delivering the course before committing.

The programme costs £4,800 for 24 modules split into 4 payments of £1,200 (which equals 6 modules @ £200 each)
However we are happy to discuss other payment arrangements for those candidates with specific circumstances that could exclude them from joining.

Contact Carlos Dean for further information: 07838 184513

“Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.” – Peter Drucker


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