Effective leadership, Our Approach.


Our approach to effective leadership development is unconventional because it addresses the deeper root causes of many leadership struggles – that is, an unhappy work force, high levels of stress, inefficient working practices, unsatisfied customers, lack of direction and forward planning and business failure.

Challenge and stretch the boundaries of human interaction
For this reason the programme is designed to deliberately challenge and stretch the boundaries of human interaction to raise awareness of the issues that need addressing to improve relationship skills. Some of these issues are deeply embedded and will take time to surface and change.
This approach to leadership development is unconventional in that it defines leadership ability not in terms of knowledge and expertise and commercial acumen, but in terms of the degree of influence that a leader has based on the strength of human relationships they have developed.
As a result of participating in our leadership programmes, individuals will develop the skills required to grow into a leadership role that enables them to engage authentically with their team and their workforce. Through being purpose driven and values led, they increase the likelihood of gaining fulfillment and commercial success.
Key characteristics about the way we work
We only work with Leaders who are serious and committed to working on themselves as a fundamental part of their business development strategy. Participants are challenged passionately and fiercely to maximise the growth of awareness about themselves and those who rely on them for balanced judgement.
The programme changes the way participants think about themselves and their leadership role rather than giving them information about how to ‘do it better’. This style of learning is based on experiential, emanative and collaborative techniques as opposed to more traditional extractive methods.
Delivery and Structure of the leadership programme
Our style of delivery challenges convention in that the culture of learning is safe and encourages openness; and also sufficiently robust to allow the open and honest interaction that is viewed as the necessary prerequisite to the development of authentic relationships.


This kind of learning cannot be gained from reading handouts or adopting specific tools or concepts.

We believe that people already have what it takes to improve but that much of the time this insight is buried in the unconscious mind and therefore is excluded from the daily decision making process.
The 24 modules cover 24 aspects of leadership – broad enough that they allow contribution from all participants in the group- and is delivered over a one or two year period to ensure permanent behavioral changes as a consequence of the learning and realisations gained from long term participation and evaluation.
Learning is a collective experience of collaboration and empathy which creates a relationship of equality between all participants bringing all the thoughts and ideas together to create understanding, realisations and wisdom.
We aim to create a unique experience every time. There is a form of structure, and from there the programme evolves through the contributions of the participants on it.
The course is delivered over a one or two year period to ensure permanent behavioral changes and because of this, participants can choose to stay on the programme to continue the investment beyond the two year period, in the knowledge that although the structure may be the same second time round, the group is dynamic, new experiences will be shared and the new perspective produces a continually rewarding experience of personal and leadership growth.


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