Our clients are visionaries who desire to serve and to lead others into service. They are courageous, resourceful and determined. Some have told us that they have attended many courses and leadership events and have often received coaching of one form or another but are left feeling none the wiser in terms of being equipped to tackle some of the biggest leadership challenges both in themselves and in their colleagues.

The challenges they talk about are not operational but are in fact intra-personal and interpersonal. They have reached a point on their leadership journey where they recognise that THEY are the biggest obstacle to the growth of their business.

The leader’s style of leading is what creates the culture of relationships that gives the business its character which in turn attracts or repels the right customers, staff and service partners.

Admitting this requires courage and humility and a willingness to explore this dilemma in a safe and intelligent fashion.

Through their time on the programme clients have come to realise that one of the hardest things about leadership is to define and communicate the PURPOSE of the business they run and WHY it is important.

We have come to realise that they all have a strong moral and ethical backbone to the way they aspire to do business and are honourable in all their dealings with anyone associated with the business.

They share a feeling of frustration and isolation because they are driven by a vision that often nobody else can see. This can lead to a breakdown in relationships within the team, causing reduced motivation and operational inefficiency.

Although they understand the commercial imperatives that create a thriving enterprise, our clients are not primarily motivated by money – but rather by a deep yearning for a connection with their colleagues and customers that extends beyond the commercial agenda.

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” BILL GATES


Some of Our Clients:


John Platts, Chartered Landscape Architects LTD, OXON

Joseph Taylor, Joseph Taylor Pianos, OXON

Renee Watson, WATS-ON, OXON

Dave Hawkins, EXIENT Ltd, OXON
Mark Salisbury, The Oxford Knowledge Company, OXON
Nusrat Shah, Backbone2Business, OXON
Peter O’ Connell, Shaw Gibbs LLP, OXON
Jayne Woodley, Community Foundation, OXON
Paul Jenks, Jenks Group, OXON
Dan Heelas, Heelas Heating and Renewables, Abingdon, OXON
Timon Colegrove, Hunts Paper & Pixels, Kidlington, OXON
Patrick Knopp, Chiltern Cam Engineering, Thame, OXON

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