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The Leadership Programme has evolved out of the realisation that some of the toughest barriers to business growth are not actually operational or even economic but are in fact inter-personal.

These relationship barriers are:

‘mental’ in nature in the form of limiting thoughts and beliefs

’emotional’ in nature in the form of negative feelings towards colleagues and

‘spiritual’ in nature in the form of insufficient clarity around the core purpose and principles that guide and develop the integrity of services

The challenge for leaders is that these barriers are in fact invisible and intangible and therefore often undetected and yet their effects are undermining at minimum and fundamentally destructive at worst. They can only be understood through insight and personal awareness.

In order to help leaders be effective in tackling these barriers, Carlos Dean has developed and delivers a tried and tested leadership course made up of 24 modules that can be engaged with by joining an existing open-programme or through a bespoke delivery package in-house.

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