The human rights of a progressive business model

Before we get stuck into the human rights movement that is sweeping through business today, let’s review the rights we all have, alongside the law:

  • The right to shape the rewards I want in recognition of the value I contribute
  • To be as generous as I want to be
  • I have the right to challenge the status quo without judgement
  • The right to live my life in an environment which allows me to flourish
  • To be adult in the way I manage my time so I can be a whole person
  • And the right to take creative and or measured risks to drive innovation.

This list of rights is not intended to be exhaustive, or indeed set in stone. We all have the right to flourish and to exist in an environment which encourages this, and being adults, the right to make our own choices…

The human rights movement in business today

The familiar Human Rights Act, set out by the UK Government, prevents serious mistreatment of employees and safeguards the lives of human beings. The progressive business model works alongside the basic human rights as given by law, with the rights identified by those who want to achieve something special; by visionaries such as myself who want our teams to become leaders and grow into passionate, driven individuals all with the shared vision that grows our businesses, benefits the industry and ultimately makes business itself a global force for good.

The right culture – HOW to cultivate it

The reasons why you are not satisfied in your job, why your business is not thriving or why you have a high staff turnover are wide and varied. By and large they can be narrowed down to sufferance of one or more of 24 barriers. These barriers to successful business leadership, which include the inability to understand the different types of intelligence and how to make best use of it and recognising your passion and following it down the correct path, prevent the creation of an authentic, aligned and supportive work environment and team of people.

Without even realising it, you could be contravening the rights of people, or even yourself, in order to perpetuate a ‘job’, otherwise known as advancing a career and growing revenue. You may not be showing the proper respect to human rights…

“Reputational harm, operational delays and an inability to recruit the top talent are just some of the risks to businesses failing to respect people’s human rights.

Whereas companies that operate with a culture of respect for human rights become businesses that people want to invest in and work for as well.  And they will see their brand value increase.” –

HOW to create the culture of respect for human rights is as simple as breaking through just 24 barriers; for example read about the different types of intelligence, make sure you employ people who balance other’s deficiencies, share your purpose and passion for your work and fire up the same in others! Even more simply, develop a culture of respect by working the bullet points above into your business model. From recruitment to retirement, live by these rights, teach these rights and help others to realise they actually have human rights themselves!

HOW to create the human rights culture in a progressive business model

As an employer, nay a responsible, progressive business leader, you have an obligation to uphold the human rights of those in your employ, in your care.

Assuming you are a law abiding person, your processes and business systems will be in place in compliance with the Human Rights Act, but lawful people aren’t always ready to love their staff and develop potential at the risk of losing a good grafter.

This is a risk that comes from upholding the rights; people will shape their own rewards, be generous with their time, insight and opinion, challenge the norm and want to take their own risks. However, for as many that want to spread their wings, there will be many more who value the autonomy that you provide and so will work harder for you and your vision, because your vision isn’t just your trade or brand, it’s a culture of human rights.

And those that do fly away, will be spreading your vision anyway!

So, let’s continue to share our experiences of when we have been treated with great respect and autonomy, and how we have progressed and grown because of those leaders…

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Human Rights At Work pdf.



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