FREE 121 Leadership Troubleshooting Clinics – Discover the human side of enterprise, at Blenheim Palace

Having listened to feedback from our business connections and clients, Carlos Dean offers a ‘121 troubleshooting clinic’ to explore innovative solutions to some of the most familiar and widely experienced ‘people problems’ facing entrepreneurs today. You are invited to present a specific burning issue to test an ‘alternative approach’ to leading people.


Do you have a burning issue with someone in your team that you can’t see a way around?

Are you struggling to unite your team?

Are interpersonal challenges blocking operational flow and progress?


Carlos is a ‘culture engineer’ that has a great deal of experience with business teams and proven skills in growing and developing individuals in leadership roles. Why not put Carlos’ expertise to the test with your specific ‘piece of pain’ and go away with an implementable plan to move forward with?


These free one hour clinics are designed to give you an insight into a completely different vision of work built around your strengths as a leader and aimed towards eradicating the team challenges you may currently be facing. A free copy of the book, ‘A Visionary Perspective, Successful Business Leadership’, by Carlos Dean accompanies the clinics and enables you to continue to develop your self-awareness to become your best.


New and experienced leaders all welcome

Whether you are new to the role of leadership or a well-seasoned professional, working with people will always present sticky situations and issues that can often undermine what you are endeavouring to achieve. Bring your troubles to the clinic and gain a new refreshing perspective of real practical value.


The progressive business model

This human style of leadership is not founded on a ‘boss mentality’, but on the development of a network of engagement inside the business that promotes genuine and sincere relationships based on the desire to help, care and serve one another for everyone’s mutual benefit.

Carlos Dean’s method of working with his clients is an emotionally intelligent strategy that inspires excellence in all areas of business activity.

The one hour clinics will provide a glimpse into the skills that will enable you to build a working culture that will promote collaboration, trust and commitment.

The clinics are free to attend and very popular so book soon. Please follow the link to our booking site:


The venue

The Churchill Room

Blenheim Palace

OX20 1PP


The clinics run for one hour only, on Thursday 7th July from 1pm-2pm and 2pm-3pm, and on Friday 8th July between 2pm and 4pm.

For further reading on this approach to leadership visit the Carlos Dean Leadership website and discover the 24 barriers to successful leadership in the full Leadership Programme.


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