Are you a lead in the computer games industry?

A strange question and I’m assuming the majority of you will answer, ‘no’, but this is a very specific post, talking directly to those who work within the games production industry and lead a team…

I have worked with a number of team leads in gaming and understand the very unique challenges faced by teams that need to collaborate across subcontracts, counties and often countries. This is why I have identified the need to create a focused workshop that assists these teams in performing more effectively and becoming harmonious in their alliances.

Thursday 23rd June 2016 sees the launch of the first workshop designed to really crack into the unique communications and collaboration challenges that you see across this multi-faceted industry by introducing participants to a tried and tested emotionally intelligent strategy that places advanced relationship skills at the heart of success.

I aim to bring together leads from across the south, to address the issues that are common among leads and unique to the games industry. The goal is to achieve effective ‘Operational Flow, Through Effective Collaboration’. What does that mean? You will benefit by;

  • Becoming harmonious with your own team and learn to communicate your priorities to others
  • Through exploring challenges you face, we will work together to understand each other’s predicaments
  • Operational functionality will increase, become smoother and therefore more productive
  • Becoming inspired to introduce techniques that will assist the whole company and even the whole industry in working more effectively for success
  • Meeting the deadlines, avoiding the crunch and releasing the game!

The workshop will take place at The Cotswold Lodge Hotel, Oxford, between 9am and 1pm. Refreshments and lunch will be light and included in the price of your ticket. Places are £75pp including refreshments and group tickets are available for booking for between two and five people. This workshop is designed to help your teams, so bring them along!

Places are strictly limited so you get the maximum benefit due to the nature of the morning, therefore booking is essential. You can book via or call Carlos Dean on 07838 184513 for more information.

Games industry collaboration workshop

So, if you and your team are familiar with challenges faced in communication across many differing groups of people, this workshop will be a benefit. If this is of interest to you, or could be to someone you know, please get in touch, make a booking or share this post.

Find out more about the event and reserve your place here:, or call me to have an informal, no obligation chat about what you can expect, on 07838 184513.

Thank you

Carlos Dean

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