The Mystery of Integrity


The most valuable asset in business is Integrity…… but what is integrity and how do you identify whether it’s present or not? We all talk about integrity within business as though we have it and we know how to recognise it in others but do we and can we?

We associate the word integrity with telling the truth, doing what we say we will do and most strikingly, I believe, being willing to stand up for the personal principles that give our lives conviction and meaning….

The best definition I have ever heard for integrity is ‘THOUGHT WORD AND DEED IN PERFECT ALIGNMENT’!
Looking a little closer however and based on my experience as a coach within the Small to Medium Business arena, we can say that integrity comes from the word INTEGRATION meaning whole…

My experience has taught me that many business leaders are not fundamentally whole because they are not fully conscious of the WHY part of what they are doing or more characteristically it has become buried under the strain of every-day operational intensity.

Because every business is a reflection of the leader that runs it, this lack of ‘wholeness’ creates an equivalent lack of wholeness in the business activity….. Put another way leadership wholeness (integrity) impacts directly on the integrity of the business and all its behaviours.

At an emotional level people associated with the business both internally and externally sense this INCONGRUENCE and they feel it as insecurity, uncertainty and lack of clarity of mission which dilutes motivation and the desire to fully commit to the goals and objectives of the business.

An insightful coach has the capacity to draw out and identify the fundamental principles and purpose that inspires and drives the business leader to continue doing what they are doing despite the challenges and setbacks that they experience along the way.

By being coached and affording the time away from the busy-ness of the business the leader becomes increasingly conscious of their vision and purpose and therefore better able to communicate this within the working arena through their branding and marketing strategy.
This ‘increased integrity’ is felt by everyone associated with the business resulting in increased confidence and commitment, from staff and customers alike.

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