Successful Business Leadership

Successful Business Leadership: A Visionary Perspective – a new book by Carlos Dean.

Transformational Business Leadership The world of business is changing. A shift in consciousness, emerging technology and new generations of flexible, aspirational human beings mean that new opportunities are all around us. Finding new ways of working is essential – to survive, and to bring about the powerful, positive change those opportunities represent. To succeed against a backdrop of rapid change requires high-level relationship networks and fully-functioning teams; it requires a high degree of self-awareness and a deep understanding of our own needs and the needs of others. And more than this: it requires mastery of the universal laws that govern all existence and all human endeavour. Carlos Dean is a leadership alchemist who has been exploring the deep mysteries of leadership for 30 years. In Successful Business Leadership, he provides a blueprint for success in the new world of business. Through exploring 24 essential elements of leadership, you will develop the skills you need to lead your organisation to a new kind of success. The world of business is changing. Are you ready to change with it?

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