Based in Oxfordshire, Carlos Dean Leadership is a pioneering organisation which reflects the changing emphasis from profit to collective purpose needed in business to create truly effective leaders and teams.

It used to be OK to just be the boss, but now successful companies need leaders, whose teams are motivated by a common value and goal not simply through hierarchy.

This change in emphasis is creating a shift in business culture from one of competition and rivalry to one of unity, collaboration and community. Carlos’ aim in his leadership training is to equip leaders with the skills and knowledge to embrace this change and lead effectively within this new culture.


The leadership programme is a transformative learning experience designed to fit the time constraints of busy working lives. The objective is to equip participants to be authentic leaders, and to build a team around them that is both highly motivated and committed to the purpose of their organisation. It is most suitable for anyone who has a significant leadership role in their company either as a general manager, leader of functions or business lines, or anyone with a direct responsibility for profit/loss.

Programme outcomes are:

  • Wider distribution of power and responsibility to create a community of leaders
  • Improved communication with team members and between team members (internal customer service)
  • Alignment of operational activities to the purpose of the business
  • Establishment of a healthy working culture
  • Establishment of an excellent team mindset
  • For leaders to step back from full-time engagement with operational activity to become the visionary ambassador for the business
  • More fulfilment for the leader, a more engaged team and a more profitable business

To make sure the programme is right for you and that you are right for the programme have a read of the Leadership Courses page and then call Carlos to arrange your first free month on the programme.

Contact Carlos Dean for further information: 07838 184513

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