Carlos Dean Leadership is passionate about re-defining the principle role of business within the modern world and therefore the role of the leader within it.

Traditionally success in business has been about wealth, prestige and power.

We advocate a more holistic model for business which does not refute the benefits of good commerce and a healthy economy but suggests an alternative pathway for achieving this based on a clear ethical and spiritual foundation.

Our Beliefs

We believe that true business is not just about commerce but it is about an understanding of people’s needs both as colleagues and customers and a willingness to serve those needs to the best of our ability to everyone’s mutual benefit.

We believe that true business is about feeling fulfilled because we have identified why what we do is important to others and for others and this binds us together as a community through a common sense of empathy.

We believe that business reminds us that we need things from each other and we are interdependent and therefore vulnerable……. vulnerable to either having those needs met or vulnerable to being let down and disappointed……

It is this human side of enterprise that we focus on through our work with leaders – to grow the realisation that true success in business is where everyone’s needs are taken into account and served with equal importance, extending into the surrounding community and the world at large.


Our Aims

In partnership and collaboration our programme aims to emphasise and accelerate an ever growing awareness of the ethical and social responsibility in business and to help leaders to best translate this into the most appropriate working practices that will enable them to lead with the highest level of integrity. We aim also to help leaders find the courage to lead this change with conviction and determination for the sake of generations to come.

Beyond this we hope that leaders working with us will identify and define a vision, purpose and set of values that will not only inspire operational efficiency and commercial success but will instil a deep sense of pride and belonging in all of those who choose to go on the journey with them.

This is a time, once again, when the world needs great leaders and we are committed to playing our part in their success.


Our vision, as a service provider, has three strands:

To deliver a leadership development programme that inspires leaders to become the best they can be for themselves, their teams, their families and communities; to engineer the optimum conditions for personal transformation and learning; and to provide the opportunity for leaders to build powerful supportive alliances with each other and within their business communities.

In short we offer:



EMPATHY rather than HELP

You get:





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