Who We Work With


We work with industry leaders who are committed to working on themselves, with other leaders, to increase their ability to impact positively on those who rely on them for guidance and direction: work force, colleagues, family, communities, the world! Our clients are visionaries who desire to serve and to lead others into service.

Some of Our Clients:

Mark Salisbury, The Oxford Knowledge Company, OXON
Nusrat Shah, Backbone2Business, OXON
Peter O’ Connell, Shaw Gibbs LLP, OXON
Jayne Woodley, Community Foundation, OXON
Paul Jenks, Jenks Group, OXON
Dan Heelas, Heelas Heating and Renewables, Abingdon, OXON
Timon Colegrove, Hunts Paper & Pixels, Kidlington, OXON
Patrick Knopp, Chiltern Cam Engineering, Thame, OXON

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