How we work


There are a number of key characteristics about the way we work with our clients that sets us apart from other Leadership Development Programmes. We only work with Leaders who are serious and committed to working on themselves as a fundamental part of their business development strategy.

  • The course is delivered over a one or two year period to ensure permanent behavioural changes as a consequence of the learning and realisations gained from long term participation and evaluation.
  • Participants are challenged passionately and fiercely to maximise the growth of awareness about themselves and those who rely on them for balanced judgement.
  • The style of learning is based on experiential, emanative and collaborative techniques as opposed to more traditional extractive methods.
  • The programme changes the way participants think about themselves and their leadership role rather than giving them information about how to ‘do it better’.
  • We engage people’s emotions, challenge their fears and unleash their greatest potential.

Contact Carlos on 07838 184513 for further information or to book in for a trial session.

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